Voting is now officially open for the Business Blogging Awards. Thanks to everyone who nominated the blogs, and to the judges for their assistances in assembling the final nominee lists.

We’ve endeavoured to make things as simple as possible. Here are the basics:

  • There are 20 categories.
  • You can vote in as many categories as you like once a day. You don’t have to vote in every category.
  • Voting will close at 12:00 PST on February 9, 2005.

UPDATE: Sorry folks. We’re getting reports of voting irregularities, which we want to check out before things run for too long. So, we’re going to take the page offline to ensure that a) we’re not as dumb as we fear we are or b) some phr3aky hax0r isn’t messing with the page. Apologies for the dodginess (this always seems to happen with these blog awards) and we’ll definitely have an update by the end of the day.