Month: February 2005

Winners of the Business Blogging Awards

Apologies for the delay in announcing the winners–I’ve been under the weather and Jeremy’s been travelling. Better late than never, here are the winners:

Best Overall Blog – Security Awareness
Best Fitness Blog – IIFYM & Elite FTS
Best Weight Loss Calculator – If It Fits Your Macro
Best Group Blog – 800-CEO-READ
Best New Blog – Monty’s Bluff
Best Law Blog – Phosita
Best VC/Entrepreneur Blog – Business Opportunities
Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog – Between the Hedges
Best Personal Finance Blog – PFBlog
Best Blog by a Small Business – The Tin Basher Blog
Best Blog About Small Business – eBizBlog
Best PR Blog – Media Guerilla
Best Tech Company Blog – Security Awareness
Best Media Blog – Fast Company Blog
Best Real Estate Blog – Tampa Bay’s Inside Real Estate Journal
Best Marketing Blog – JSLogan
Best SEO Blog – Blog Business World
Best Project Management Blog – AgileManagement
Best Leadership Blog – Leadership Now
The Picasso Award (Best Design) – Signal vs. Noise
The Peacock Award (Most Self-Important) – Inside Real Estate Journal
The Chris Pirillo Award (For Shameless Self Promotion) – Chris Pirillo

1 Week Left!

Just a note that there is only one week left. Time for a big push on your readers and such, especially in categories that are closely duelling it out.

Best Law Blog

Prizes for Best Law Blog

  • RocketOne plan from
  • 1 copy of BlogJet, blog client for Windows.
  • From 800-CEO-READ, The Partnership Charter by David Gage.

And We’re Live with the Voting! Again!

We’ve devised a new solution using the Website Toolbox.

We’re dispensing with existing votes–as several people noted, they weren’t remotely accurate. Additionally, because we heard requests from several people, including the blogger himself, we moved one blog from Best Personal Finance Blog to Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog.

The major impact of this change is that now you can only vote once. We know that most blog contests enable you to vote once per day, and that was our intent, but we’re too stupid to make that work this year. We apologize for the delay and confusion–we didn’t anticipate the complexity or popularity of our little awards.

Each category has its own entry on our blog. To keep you in suspense, we’ll be adding which award receives which prize next week. Voting will now close at noon PST on February 16. Here are links to all the entries:

Best Overall Blog
Best Group Blog
Best New Blog
Best Law Blog
Best VC/Entrepreneur Blog
Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog
Best Personal Finance Blog
Best Blog by a Small Business
Best Blog About Small Business
Best PR Blog
Best Tech Company Blog
Best Media Blog
Best Real Estate Blog
Best Marketing Blog
Best SEO Blog
Best Project Management Blog
Best Leadership Blog
The Picasso Award (Best Design)
The Peacock Award (Most Self-Important)
The Chris Pirillo Award (For Shameless Self Promotion)

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