Month: December 2004

A Call for Categories

I have prepared a list of categories we felt appropriate. There are subset-specific awards, international awards as well as … “different” awards. Feel free to comment on the categories as well as to suggest new ones.

Overall Categories

Best Overall Blog
Best Group Blog
Best New Blog (Established 2004)
Best Law Blog (Blawg)
Best VC/Entrepreneur Blog
Best HR/Recruiting Blog
Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog
Best Personal Finance Blog
Best Small Business Blog (any industry)
Best Technology Company Blog
Best Media Blog (magazines, media organizations, etc)
Best PR Blog Best
Best Real Estate Blog
Best Manufacturing Blog
Best Marketing Blog
Best Business Humor Blog
Best SEO Blog
Best Project Management Blog
Best Leadership Blog
Best Time Management Blog

Speciality Categories

The Picasso Award (Best Design)
The John Kerry Award (Most Long Winded)
The RageBoy Award (Best Rants)
The Woh? Award (Worst Grammar / Spelling)
The Peacock Award (Most Self-Important)
The Ballmer Award (Craziest CEO blogger)
The Paul Bunyan Award (Blazing a Trail for Business Blogging)
The Chris Pirillo Award (For Shameless Self Promotion)

International Categories

Best American Blog
Best Canadian Blog
Best UK Blog
Best European Blog (non UK)
Best Asian Blog
Best Middle East/Africa Blog
Best Australia/New Zealand Blog
Best Central American Blog
Best South American Blog

Let us know your thoughts!

Update: Just added half a dozen categories including time management, project management and leadership. Nominate your favourite blogs now!

Welcome to the 2005 Business Blogging Awards!

Welcome to the 2005 Business Blogging Awards, presented by InsideBlogging!

As business blogging has taken off in 2004, and looks to explode in 2005, we figured it was time to inaugurate some fun awards to reward all those hard-working business bloggers. After all, we can’t let the online diarists have all the fun, can we?

Here’s how the awards will work:

  • We’re accepting nominations until January 24. Anyone can nominate any blogger in any category
  • Additionally, feel free to suggest new categories if there’s one you’d like to see
  • To nominate a blogger, simply place a comment in the nominations thread. Feel free to nominate as many blogs as you’d like (including your own) for as many categories as you’d like
  • A panel of judges will whittle the nominee list for each category down to a minimum of three and a maximum of six nominees
  • Voting will open at 12:00pm PST on January 26. You’ll be able to vote once per day per category
  • Voting will continue until 12:00pm PST on Feburary 9
  • Winners will be announced on February 10. Winners will be contacted by email

Any questions? Email us


We need companies to sponsor awards. We’re not looking for anybody to give away cars or anything–just a small prize that the blogger might use and enjoy. If you’re an ISP, how about a year’s worth of free hosting? If you’re in PR, how about a free press release? If you’re Amazon, how about a gift certificate? If you’re Google, free searching for…ah, never mind.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the awards, choose one or more categories and email us.

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